Role of Bio-Magnetism & Kayakalpa

A major portion of the bio-magnetism (about 75%) is taken up by the physical body for the purpose of maintaining the metabolic routine – digestion, elimination of waste-products, transporting nutrients to where they are needed, and transforming food into juice, juice into blood, blood into flesh, flesh into fat, fat into bone, bone into marrow and marrow into sexual vital fluid – in that order. In this manner, continuous conversion and manufacture are going on within the body. This is the metabolic routine. All this cannot be done unless there is sufficient intensity in the bio-magnetism. In order to execute all these body-functions, the body must be maintained at a proper temperature and here again it is the intensity of the bio-magnetism that is responsible for this temperature maintenance.

The other portion of the bio-magnetism (the balance 25%) goes to the brain-cells to enable them to feel, understand, compare, calculate, imprint and reflect the experiences and enjoyment. This is called Mind.

If, for some reason, the intensity of the bio-magnetism becomes less, the result is short-supply for the mind. Your level of alertness comes down, your eyelids become heavy and you doze off. During sleep no supply is required for the mental functions. Metabolic routine – breathing, digestion and blood circulation – alone is going on and the intensity of the bio-magnetism picks up gradually. When surplus becomes available for the mental functions, there is automatic reconnection and the mind resumes functioning.

When this bio-magnetism flowing in the body is obstructed at some point, the polarity between the cells is disturbed. Regularly flowing magnetism gets stagnated. It is the nature of the cells to convert the magnetism into electricity. When the stagnated magnetism is electrified it becomes abnormal and cannot be absorbed or tolerated by the surrounding cells. It becomes a short circuit and starts burning the cells. If this short-circuit affects a small area and lasts only for a short time, that experience is “pain”; if it extends in area or duration it is called “Disease”. When the bio-magnetism is wholly exhausted it signifies “Death”.

We have already seen that the cells in the physical body are held together by the bio-magnetism. When the bio-magnetism becomes weak, the cells cannot be held together properly and this is evidenced by fatigue. We are unable to even stand up and we feel like lying down. If this bio-magnetism becomes weaker and weaker, at some point the cells can no longer be held together at all. Therefore, they disintegrate and death is the result. Now we have understood the value of bio-magnetism. Needless to say, if the bio-magnetism has to be increased or intensified, the number or the quantity of the life-force particles has to be stepped up. What is it that retains these life-force particles in the body? It is only the sexual vital fluid. The sexual vital fluid is like a battery for the life-force. Whatever is the quantity and quality of the sexual vital fluid, that much will be the strength and character of the life -force and bio-magnetism.

Kayakalpa Yoga helps increase quantity and quality of the sexual vital fluid through a set of simple yogic exercises.

– Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi

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