Kaya Kalpa Definition

Kaya Kalpa Definition

Kaya means body. Kalpa means immortality. Kaya Kalpa is, therefore, Body Immortality. Kaya Kalpa Yoga can be said to be Body Immortality ... [Continue Reading]

Bogar Kaya Kalpa

Bogar Kaya Kalpa Siddha

Bogar or Bhogar or Boganathar has been described in varying traditions as either a South Indian siddhar or a Chinese philosopher (Buddhist ... [Continue Reading]

Vethathiri Maharishi Kayakalpa Yoga Video

Kayakalpa Yoga Video in Vethathiri Maharishi Yoga System

Click to download KAYA KALPA YOGA EBOOK here. ... [Continue Reading]

Vethathiri Maharishi on Kayakalpa Yoga Pose

Kayakalpa Yoga Pose

Kayakalpa Yoga Pose slows down ageing Earth's rotation and Ageing Process Now, consider man, living on the surface of Earth. Over millions of ... [Continue Reading]

why do we age

Kayakalpa Postures

Kayakalpa Postures help you manage ageing process The Ageing Process The ageing process is an effect of the Earth’s rotation. The illustration here ... [Continue Reading]

Vethathiri Maharishi on kaya kalpa yoga postures

Kaya Kalpa Yoga Postures

Wonders of Kaya Kalpa Yoga Postures Kaya Kalpa comprises two wonderful exercises: recycling of the sexual vital fluid and toning-up the nervous ... [Continue Reading]

Vethathiri Maharishi on Kayakalpa yoga poses

Kayakalpa yoga poses

Value of Kayakalpa Yoga Poses The value of the sexual vital fluid in the human body and the art of maintaining it well in quantity and quality are ... [Continue Reading]

Vethathiri Maharishi on Kayakalpa yoga postures

Kayakalpa Yoga Postures

Sexual Vital Fluid and Kayakalpa Yoga Postures Normally the sexual vital fluid is lost from the body in two ways: (a) evacuation and (b) leakage. ... [Continue Reading]

Vethathiri Maharishi on Kaya Kalap

Kaya Kalap

Wrong notion about Sexual Vital Fluid At this point, let me clarify a wrong notion that is quite wide­spread. Most people think that the sexual vital ... [Continue Reading]

Vethathiri Maharishi on what is kayakalpa yoga

What is Kayakalpa Yoga?

Value of Sexual Vital Fluid and What is Kayakalpa Yoga Consider what will happen if the sexual vital fluid gets reduced in quantity. The life-force ... [Continue Reading]